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Fog Generators sustainable imagined.

Density Fog GeneratorsTM have been imagined, and designed to integrate more easily into all premises, professionals and individuals as well as in stores.

We are sensitive and attach particular importance to their electricity consumption, which is why we have developed the most energy efficient range in relation to its performance.

This reduction in consumption is partly due to the design of the new heating body which increases the efficiency of heat exchange between the different constituent elements and allows a better efficiency of the transformation of the liquid from the Density refills into fine particles (0.3 to 3 microns), which at the same time ensures the highest density on the market.

But also thanks to PyroGel which ensures maximum insulation which limits heat loss and loss of consumption for continuous maintenance of the generator in a firing situation.

We only use recyclable materials, plastic is reduced as much as possible so that our devices can enter conventional recycling channels.

The disposable refill, but recyclable (with the plastic bottles) will be a real evolution compared to the products on the market which fill up but which leave a very important carbon footprint because of the return transport.

Finally, our research focused on the miniaturisation of the components of our generators to reduce both their size and their weight. With a smaller size and therefore a reduced weight, the carbon footprint of Density Fog GeneratorsTM is reduced during transport, helping to facilitate your installation and maintenance.

With DensityTM the planet is also protected!