// Online training

Professional formation that feets to your constraints

Training for all security professionals to learn how to size, position, cable and install Density Fog Generators.

With Density Fog Generators you have the choice of your training. Book a physical training with a Density expert or register directly on our website training page to access it.

Wherever you are, in the office or at home, you can log in to your account to see or review training videos of the installation of Density devices.

A question ? Don’t hesitate to send us an email on the address : help@densitynordic.dk

// DensityTM Formation

E-learning DensityTM, how does it work?

Sign in to your DensityTM training account. You will have access to the various training modules on the different products of the DensityTM range.

Each module consists of courses that will take you step by step through an on-site installation of a DensityTM Fog Generator: sizing, positioning, wiring, nozzle, different input and exit signals, settings of the fog production time according to the space to be protected and finally the control tests at the end of installation.

Once this training is complete, all the lessons in the module have been viewed, you will have a knowledge test that includes the basics of installing Density equipment. Once this test is validated, you will obtain a certificate attesting to your understanding and mastery of installing DensityTM Fog Generators.

This certificate is both a guarantee of quality and know-how for your installations at your clients and will allow you to stand out in the market.

Are you interested in protecting your business, business or home and are looking for a DensityTM certified installer?

Contact us at info@densitynordic.dk and be sure to tell us your location. Our network of installers and partners throughout the world will allow us to meet your needs by offering you the solution closest to you.