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Protect your perfumes and cosmetics from major brands

With cosmetics and perfumes worn and pushed by influencers or celebrities, these products continue to be fashionable, and consumers, both men and women are snapping them up. New product launches by major brands are significant events, followed by thousands or even millions of people around the world. These products attract thieves on the lookout for limited edition products, easily sold on the “black market” at prices that can multiply by 2 or 3 times. To limit your stock and/or to expand your sales space, you have given preferential display of these products in the cabinets or shelves, which favors the theft during the day, who will also track deliveries from your suppliers. By operating at night, with large garbage bins, thieves take all of your product off the shelves and quickly come out without attracting attention.

We Recommand DensityTM

Our experience of nearly 20 years in Security and our understanding of our customers allow us to offer you the product that will perfectly meet your security problems. Perfume and Cosmetics stores have several “sensitive areas” that need to be protected as a priority:
  • The Sales Space
  • Checkout Area
  • The Stores
  • The perfume shelves of major brands
  • Le ou les rayons de cosmétiques de grandes marques
  • The cosmetics department or shelves of major brands
  • The shelves of prestigious skincare products
With a branded perfume department of 30 to 50m2, the DensityTM recommandation is the DensityTM 900.
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DensityTM 900

The DENSITYTM 900 Fog Generator is the most suitable solution for the protection of your brand perfume. In 10 seconds, this generator will produce more than 250m3 of a dense fog in which you will no longer be able to see neither your hands nor your feet, making it impossible to steal perfumes and forces the intruders to immediately flee.
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Want to protect your Stores ?
Density<sup class="tm">TM</sup> 390
DensityTM 390
Want to protect your sales space from 50 to 300m2 ?
Density<sup class="tm">TM</sup> 1500
DensityTM 1500
Is your sales space more than 4m high ?
Density<sup class="tm">TM</sup> 2400
DensityTM 2400

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