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Protect your most coveted products

With computers and new technologies invading our daily lives, electronic/high tech stores have increasingly important offerings and high value stock.

With stock of new computer equipment, or electronics in storage for repair, computer stores are often plagued by burglaries.

We Recommend DensityTM

Our experience of nearly 20 years in the Security, and our understanding of our customers, allow us to offer you the product that will perfectly meet your safety problems. Computer and/or high-tech stores have several “sensitive areas”:
  • Cash circulation areas: cash area, safe room
  • Sensitive product storage areas: the stock, and shelves of high-value computer/high-tech/electronic hardware.
With sales spaces of 100 to 200 m2, the DensityTM recommendation is the DensityTM 1500.
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DensityTM 1500

DENSITYTM 1500 is the solution suitable for the sales spaces of computer and high-tech stores. In 15 seconds in your sales space, you can no longer see your hands or feet, making it impossible to steal and allowing the malicious to flee immediately.
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Want to protect your server rooms ?
Density<sup class="tm">TM</sup> 390
DensityTM 390
Do you want to protect your safe room or your high value stock ?
Density<sup class="tm">TM</sup> 900
DensityTM 900
Is your space more than 200m2 or has a large ceiling height?
Density<sup class="tm">TM</sup> 2400
DensityTM 2400

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